Invisalign Clear Aligners - For Kids

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Take care of your baby's smile from a young age with Invisalign First.

to solve the problems of teeth in the future

I want my child to have beautiful teeth, a beautiful smile, and more confidence.

Clear braces for children Invisalign First

The main thing that parents often worry about the most. is the health of children's oral and dental and should be given special attention

When the occlusion or abnormal tooth alignment is detected Needs to urgently fix such as protruding chin problems, overlapping teeth, overbite teeth,

teeth in the wrong position, or malocclusion

The most popular method for treating and solving dental abnormalities in children is Invisalign First.

It is an innovation for children's orthodontics that is accepted around the world.

that it is an aid in solving the problem of abnormal tooth structure in children that may have a negative effect in the future

Prevent tooth problems with Invisalign First

Why did you have to have braces since childhood?

Around the age of 6 - 12 years when the permanent teeth begin to begin together with the milk teeth. It is the appropriate age for developmental adjustment, occlusion, chewing, and jaw restructuring.

It will make it easier to fix teeth problems. If waiting for correction when the permanent teeth are fully formed It may cause the condition of the teeth to be incomplete and difficult to fix.

As they grow older, they can cause cavities, gum disease, abnormal tooth wear, receding gums, and abnormal jaw growth.

The benefits of orthodontics during the growing child

  • Adjust the growth structure of the upper and lower jaws
  • Solve the problem of the short chin, receding chin which, if resulting in constriction of the trachea at the back
  • Fixing abnormal teeth problems
  • to increase the efficiency of chewing
  • Reduce the risk that can cause snoring. mouth breathing, mouth breathing
  • Reduce the risk of teeth grinding that causes gum recession, deep teeth
  • Correct swallowing mistakes and the use of abnormal teeth from the beginning
  • Helps your teeth, lips, and face look more proportionate.
  • Helps to build a good personality for children to have confidence.
  • Helps the permanent teeth to be in the correct position.

What are Invisalign First clear braces for children?

Invisalign First is a clear aligner system designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 to assist in the process of aligning their teeth.

And help adjust the growth direction of baby teeth at the right time before the teeth grow.

✅ Invisalign First is designed specifically for children's orthodontics.

✅ It's a material that's not too hard. and is flexible Designed to fit children's teeth No irritation during wearing

✅ 6-12 years old is the right time for Invisalign First orthodontics. This is when the mouth is growing. Helps teeth get in easily Doesn't take long

✅ Helps to solve the abnormal structure of the upper and lower jaw that may affect daily life and the future

✅ Fix the alignment of the permanent teeth that will come up to be beautiful. Prevent teeth that come out in the wrong place in the future.

Procedure for Invisalign First

Meet to consult a dentist To assess the teeth and recommend the suitability of each case.

After the assessment is complete The dentist will scan the teeth. and wait for work

to come in to put on clear braces with a dentist explaining how to take care of it

You should come in and talk to your dentist to assess suitability and find out more about Invisalign First for specific children.

✨ Clear braces promotion for kids Invisalign First ✨

One price is only 98,000.-

(from the normal price of 145,000 baht)

Special promotion for semester break from today - 31 Aug. '23 only

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